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2017 Project

Bambi is inspired by 1950's halter neck dresses and is a representation of fairytale book/movie Bambi. 


Silk dyed hand embroidery on the cotton dyed bodice to represent the flora that surrounds Bambi. 


Floor length, 1950's style halter neck dress. 3 layered skirt: dyed polyester chiffon, polyester tulle and lined with brown polyester. Fitted at the waist with a forest green satin. 


The top layer, polyester chiffon was dyed in a water and brown dye solution and manipulated with rock salt to create a treelike texture. Wool was felted and machine felted onto chiffon to create Bambi's spots. 


Silk ribbon was dyed in natural tones, using a lot of water to dilute the colour palette. Hand embroidered onto a dyed cotton bodice.  Bodice lined with brown polyester. 


3 layer skirt: Polyester chiffon, tulle and lines with brown polyester to create full skirt. 

Satin straps (dragged) 2.jpg
Satin straps (dragged).jpg

Garment production drawings and specifications. 

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