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Bachelor of Textiles (Design) RMIT

Hi, I am Meg, a Textile Designer, illustrator, graphic designer, material innovator, pattern designer, visual communicator, adobe suite and mixed media enthusiast, and an all-round fan of the colour BLUE, if that isn’t already obvious.......

I am an equal mix of Australian and Kiwi. Moving between Melbourne/Naarm and Coffs Harbour/Gumbainggir and finding myself in everywhere between.

I am an extreme extrovert, a constant bubble of laughter who finds joy in the big and small things in life. This really resonates within my designs and bold use of colours and unique motifs. I find most of my inspiration from my surrounding environment, growing up on the mid-north coast, spending long days at the beach, and hiking through luscious rainforests in search of waterfalls.

I thrive off original and ambitious ideas. Researching new trends, combining opposite design styles, and getting inspired by all topics and surfaces that surround me. I am a textile innovator who loves to up-cycle items and materials that are deemed useless and give them a new life, delivering fresh and unique products. 

I am constantly found scrolling new trends on WGSN, watching new designers within my community of practice emerge on design files, and spending hours watching painting/embroidery/tufting/sculpture building reels on Instagram and Tik Tok. I am a social media butterfly who works between 4 different Instagram accounts, all sharing a different part of what makes up Meg, as I don’t think one account is enough.

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