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Bloom is inspired by Marimekko prints and the rich blue colour of blueberries. It is the exploration of replicating the form of  cotton buds in a field, through screen printing, sublimation prints, paper and fabric embroidery and painting.  

Placement print. Painting in gouache and embroidering with blue sequins and cotton embroidery over the top. 




Placement print, Submlimation print onto cotton. Embroidered over with Cotton embroidery and blue sequins. 


Bloom collection: Screen printing onto navy, blue and white cotton fabric using opaque and screen printing inks. Screen printing film, sketches and coordinate paint ups, sample printing and the finalised patterns. The same pattern is repeated throughout the collection in different colourways. 

Painting black ink onto screen printing film, repating the pattern within the rectangle. 

IMG_2577 copy_edited.png

2019 Project

Printing two layers of the same pattern but moving it a few cm to create a shadow. First time in navy ink and the second in aqua opaque, then going over in blue opaque on a different screen to create the cotton bud texture specks. 


The finished main design. 

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