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Unmasked is the exploration of recycling single-use disposable masks used within covid, with the intention of deconstructing and redefining the purpose of this non-woven material. 

Unmasked responds to the overwhelming increase in plastic pollution as a result of disposable face masks being discarded after one use during covid 19. Masks found on the ground, sitting on fences and next to bins rather than in the bin. All to end up in our domestic waste and filter into landfill, where it then takes another 20-30 years to break down. 


Disposable masks are not only environmentally damaging but created a barrier between humans and human connection. In a time where social distancing became the norm and face masks were mandatory in confined spaces. Human connection evolved into a translation that was either performed online or at a safe distance covering the mouth, hiding basic human expressions. 



2021 Project

IMG_4038 copy.jpeg

Cuff material innovation

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 12.01.26 am.png

M. Rocca 2021, Key emotions map 2021, WGSN


Disinfecting the found masks 


Dyeing the disinfected masks in a water and gouache solution


Constructing the sleeve

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